We are a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Omaha, Nebraska. We specialize in creating intentional, authentic, and flattering photos for every personality, love story, and body type.



Chelsea is an amazing artist. She's extremely driven and won't settle for anything but the best!

She's always wearing her contagious smile and positive attitude. She's an amazing super-mom, who somehow conjures up the energy to take care of everyone - I love how she gets creative with our kids and loves them so well. She's always dreaming up new ideas and looking for the next adventure.

On your wedding day you'll find her mostly at the bride's side, making sure she's taken care of and that her dreams are coming to life.

Jack has the most contagious personality.

He's intentional, sweet, spontaneous, goofy, outgoing, and adventurous. Everyone loves him. He's good at freaking everything, which is annoying because we're both super competitive. I love how he plays with our kids and makes life unpredictable.

On your wedding day between photos, you'll find him juggling or jumping for the children, sprinting for the missing bouquet, and becoming best friends with your mom.


It all started with a game of red rover at a middle school retreat we were both serving at. Jack broke through Chelsea's iron grip and that was that. All the middle school girls knew we were meant for each other and here we are (we've even shot some of their weddings now!).

We got married in our church's courtyard. It was a simple wedding, at sunset, in Omaha on June 23. All of our friends and family were there, including all the middle school students who played such a huge role in us meeting. We started doing photography together soon after.

We love EVERYTHING outdoors. Hiking, camping, canoeing, breathing. All the things. Like, we're dedicated. Once we did a backpacking/canoeing trip when Chelsea was 13 weeks pregnant.

We both love Zambia and lived there at different times before we got married. Our kids have Zambian middle names!

Our lives are far from perfect. Our marriage requires lots of patience and grace, just like any other marriage. And guys. It's worth it. We hope you'll bring us along on your wedding day as you begin your story!


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