Boho Chic Eclectic Wedding in Omaha, NE With Tent Reception

January 21, 2021

This Boho wedding in Omaha was straight up stunning. From the massive rug-to-rug aisle runner, the chandeliers, the mix-matched chairs, the florals. Seriously every detail was colorful, intentional, and beautiful.

This is an amazing example of spending money on what is important to you. The Fremont YMCA isn’t the most expensive venue in the Omaha area, so it left money in the budget for the coolest stylized eclectic boho wedding in Omaha, and their dream photographers (oh hey!)

I love scrolling and remembering this day! If you’re looking for someone to make your vision come to life, Andrea Zahourek did amazing!

Meet the dream team.

Dress: Marie & Marie Bridal
Tux: White Satin Bridal
Design: AZ + Co
Videographer: A Final Take


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