Creating A Couples Session Questionnaire

October 13, 2020

Stop flying by the seat of your pants. Send a Couples & Engagement Session Questionnaire!

In order to provide meaningful photos for your couples that actually make sense YOU NEED TO KNOW THEM! Guys, I used to show up to engagement sessions not knowing ANYTHING about the people I was about to shoot. I basically just hoped I could read their personalities on the spot, ask them what they wanted on the spot, and use my skills to give them photos they loved in a crunch. BUT WHYYYYY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

Strategy is everything.

If you have the right strategy, you can inform your clients and get to know them before you even meet for the first time. You can show up to every engagement session confident and equipped to deliver a unique experience to each of them.

My client experience used to have a lot of holes in it.

Like not setting their expectations realistically, not communicating what they can expect throughout the experience, not helping them choose outfits, not informing them about what I need from them in order to have a successful session, not knowing what they even actually wanted… THE LIST GOES ON. SO MANY HOLES. But creating a Couples & Engagement Session Questionnaire for them has been the BEST hole filler ever. It gets you on the same page, it helps you understand what they want, it informs them about what you need from them, and it helps you strategize beforehand how to nail each session!

As you start working on your questionnaire, make sure it meets these three qualifications, (or you can purchase our questionnaire guide here and simply make it your own)!

  1. Tell them what you need from them in order to have a successful session.
  2. Ask questions that will help you understand who they are as individuals and as a couple. Understand how they interact.
  3. Ask what they want! Make sure you deliver photos that will be meaningful to them.

If you can nail these three aspects, you’ll be able to nail every session! Good luck guys, we hope this helps!

PS. Our questionnaire guide covers both a couples & engagement session questionnaire and a wedding questionnaire! Check it out!


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