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We use this 3-part strategy for every session.

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Have them play a game instead of pose!

Get to know each of your clients!

Providing your clients with authentic and meaningful photos starts with you getting to know them and giving them the info they need to nail their session. If you know who they are, what they're like, and what they want from their session, you have the framework for providing them with meaningful photos. This guide helps you inform your clients and equips you with the questions to ask!

The secret for how to pose couples is to disarm them and make them forget they're posing. A successful session rests solely on your ability to get your clients to relax and interact with each other. Movement. Real laughter. Intimate sweet moments. You need a strategy for helping your clients get there. We created a game and strategy that does that seamlessly while also making sure they look their best.

Questionnaire Guide

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How to pose couples. The secret to helping your clients relax is music! Get our playlists for free!

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