Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

April 17, 2023

When thinking about what you want to wear for your engagement session, first consider the season you’re shooting, then consider your location, then consider the vibe you want. For tons of information to help guide your decision, see our “What to Wear For Your Engagement Session” blog here. But to see some outfit combinations, keep scrolling.

We recommend coordinating but not matching. Mix different colors, patterns, and textures to add dimension and personality, using neutrals as your base and building from there. Don’t forget to wear shapewear or shorts with your short dresses so that you can move freely during your session without having to worry about flashing people.

Classic Romantic Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

This would be beautiful in an urban setting. Think stone steps, arches, manicured gardens, a swanky bar, old brick, etc. You could style it with champagne glasses and sparkling grape juice.

Slip Dress
Pearl Necklace
Pump Sandal
Corduroy Jacket
Black Suit Pants
Champagne Glasses

Athleisure Casual Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

This would be great for either an urban setting or in nature. It would allow you to move freely and genuinely have fun with each other. Think piggyback rides, sitting on his lap, eating pizza on a parking garage, having a bonfire in your backyard.

Women’s Adidas Sweatshirt
Women’s Levi’s
Men’s Adidas Sweatshirt
Men’s Levi’s
White Sneakers

Casual Fall or Spring Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

Again, this would be great for either an urban setting or in nature. You’d still be able to move freely and have fun. Layers photograph great, and sleeves are nice if you’re insecure about your arms at all. These sandals are cute, but wouldn’t be too hard to hike around in.

Black Bodysuit Top
Women’s Levi’s
Open Toe Mules
Green Denim Jacket
Men’s Levi’s
Black Shirt

Casual Summer Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

If it’s steaming hot outside, there’s no reason to make yourself suffer with clothes that will make it worse. Wear a cute summer outfit. This outfit would be cute in nature where you can walk barefoot in the sand, or hike around on the hills. You could bring some ice cream for some cute shots (and to help cool down).

Levi’s Shorts
Bodysuit Tank
Linen Shirt
Striped Shorts

Daring Romantic Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

These outfits would honestly be gorgeous anywhere. On top of a mountain, in the city, by the river. The dress is flattering with the synched waist, and has a ton of movement which would be stunning in the wind or while you’re walking, dancing, twirling around together. The sheer fabric is romantic and would be perfect for warm sunset light. Switch up the shoes depending on where you’re shooting. No one wants to hike a mountain in stilettos! This would also be an epic outfit for a champagne spray.

Black Dress
Pink Linen Jacket
Floral Tie
Suit Pants

Edgy Romantic Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

If you’re wanting more of an edgy look, this option is for you! I love how the black and leather compliment each other. You could have the guy’s shirt and pants be black too, and you could switch to a tulle dress for even more texture.

Black Dress
Alternative Tulle Dress
Leather Jacket
Linen Shirt
White Bow Shoes
Khaki Pants (switch to black if you want!)

Cozy Fall Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

If you live in Nebraska, cozy fall outfits are a staple and they look so cute! This would be beautiful in the woods, by the river, in a field, by a bonfire.

Men’s Levi’s
Women’s Levi’s

Summer Glam Engagement Session Outfit Inspo

If you want to really embrace your engagement session for all it’s glory, wear something glamorous and have some fun! This outfit would be incredible in a swanky bar or in a city. Bring fun sunglasses for a couple shots!

Sequin Dress
Heart Glasses
Bow Heels
Diamond Necklace
Cashmere Coat
Silk Bow Tie
Black Suit Pants

Now you have an idea of what could look good together, check out our other blog for basic tips to make sure you make the right choices for you: What to Wear For Your Engagement Session


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