One Of The Best Engagement Session Tips

March 15, 2021

You will never guess how long it took us to figure this out! This is seriously one of the best engagement session tips. It transformed our work.

You guys know we’re all about having a strategy that gets beautiful photos for our clients every single time, and this is a huge part of that. People have to be able to relax in order for you to get meaningful, authentic photos. If your client is stressed or feeling awkward, they are not going to look comfortable or like themselves. So what is the secret to get them to relax?! This is one of the best engagement session tips we could give you!

We play music during our sessions!

Music is freaking powerful. It takes an awkward moment and turns it into a feeling. It takes a stiff pose and turns it into a casual interaction. IF YOU ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER, YOU HAVE TO PLAY MUSIC DURING YOUR SESSIONS!

(Here are a couple pictures taken while the fun playlist was blasting!)

We have two playlists to help set the vibe — a more romantic playlist and a fun playlist. We alternate between the two throughout a session, making sure we give our clients the opportunity to feel different feelings. We want their relationship, who they are and how they interact, to shine effortlessly in the pictures we take.

(Here are a couple pictures taken while the romantic playlist was playing!)

We know it can be overwhelming to put together a playlist, so we’re making ours available to the world! It’s a starting place so you can customize the perfect playlists for your clients. All you have to do is signup at the top of this blog!

Want more engagement session tips? Playing music is just the first piece of our 3-part strategy! Learn more here!


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