How To Get Lots Of Photos From One Pose

January 14, 2021

Candid photography is our thing.

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about how to maximize Candid and get the most photos from one card as possible. It’s important to allow yourself to be inspired by the moment so you can coach your couples into more connection and emotion, moving them from one thing to the next. But also making adjustments to make sure they’re looking their best. When you do both of these things, you end up getting lots of variety from just one pose.

The key to beautiful candid photography is interaction, connection, and little adjustments you make.

We talk about this in the Candid members page, but I wanted to show you just a couple pictures here of what it looks like!

One card says this:

“Stand facing away from the camera, side by side, holding hands, press your shoulders together and angle slightly towards each other. He draws a shape on her forehead with his nose and she has to guess what shape it is.”

“Perfect, Gabriella, look back at me now.”

“Alright, Guillermo, you sniff her neck.”

“Now tickle her neck with your lips!”

Do you see how each photo is a little different, and each prompt helps them get closer to more emotion and connection? But they all came from the same card. The cards give you a clear starting place. There is no pressure on your couple to know what to do. There is no pressure for you to have a million things memorized. The awkwardness is gone and you have a strategy to get a bunch of variety and interactions. Then once you have them doing a new card, throw in some tweaks to get the most out of the moment! It’s so easy, so effective, and you can provide your clients so many photos!


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