How To Pose Couples

March 20, 2023

Hello fellow photographer! We’re so happy you found yourself here. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your client experience or posing strategy, you’re in the right place! We’re going to talk about how to pose couples effortlessly for authentic and flattering photos.

Over the past 10+ years as wedding photographers, we have learned so much about how to pose couples through trial, error, success, research, and from other photographers like you. We’ve realized that we needed a strategy that streamlined our processes but also enabled us to deliver an experience and gallery uniquely curated for each of our clients. These are the 3 things that we saw the most success (and happy clients) with, so now we do them for every session:

  1. Pre-Session Preparation
  2. Using Body Flattering Techniques
  3. Disarming Our Clients

We know posing is one of the hardest parts of being a photographer. It’s hard to get your couples to relax, especially if you get to your session and your brain forgets literally everything you know (we’ve all been there). However, if you follow these three steps every time, it makes the actual engagement session effortless. You can read more about the three steps HERE, or keep scrolling to learn about how we disarm our clients by playing a game that we created.

We found that one of the easiest ways to disarm couples is by playing a game with them.

We created this game, Candid, to effortlessly get consistently flattering and authentic photos while still leaving room for our couples to be themselves. It’s crazy how a game disarms people! It takes them from “Nervous-Posers” to “Competitive-Playful-Lovers”.

How does it work?

Here are the basics. The photographer reads a card out loud to the couple. Each card intentionally sets up the couple in a flattering position, then it has them interact. Next, the photographer encourages them and pumps them up, makes tweaks to elevate the photo (have them pivot to get the most flattering angle, or place their hands somewhere specific, etc) and lets the session flow. It is the best strategy we’ve ever used (paired with the pre-session prep).

Seriously, it is! No more awkward stiff posing. No more prompt card memorization. You just play a game with your couples and shoot the fun. It takes the pressure off of them, and it takes the pressure off of you. You end up with the cutest candids from purely organic interactions 🤯 If you’re looking for an easy way to elevate and simplify your posing game, this is for you.

There are 40+ cards that prompt fun or romantic interactions.

(If you just want to book a Candid session with us, you can skip the blog and book a session HERE!)

It is so much more than a game.

Once you’ve purchased the game, we teach you everything you need to know to run a successful couples’ session. We’ll give you info on how to flawlessly integrate the game into your workflow (and basic info about workflows), playlists to jam to while playing, and a photo of each card in action (it’s kind of like a posing guide + workshop hybrid but simplified and easy to implement even in the chaos of wedding season). This is a great strategy for well-established photographers like us (we actually use this) and hobby photographers who want to learn how to shoot couples. It’s easy enough and good enough for anyone and everyone!

Purchase Candid HERE! Or keep scrolling to see a session we shot using Candid.

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