Candid | The Engagement Session Game For Photographers

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Candid is a game that you play with your couples during their session to get naturally flattering, candid poses and interactions.

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Candid is a game that you play with your couples during their session to get naturally flattering, candid poses and interactions. No more awkwardness. No more prompt memorization. The game disarms your couples by using a combination of prompting and role-playing. Each card is written strategically to put your couple in a flattering position. It effortlessly creates authenticity that can be hard to manufacture through coaching and normal prompting. If you’ve been on the other side of the camera, you know that it can be stressful, awkward, and intimidating. The cards take a session from that to the best date ever. Now you can worry less about creating the moment so you can focus on capturing it well! Candid poses are important to us, that’s why we created this game for our clients, and we know it can benefit you and your clients too!

What’s Included

  • The Game (20+ Fun Cards, 20+ Romantic Cards)
  • Examples Of Each Card Being Used
  • Video: How To Use & Get The Best Photos
  • How To Add Candid To Your Workflow
  • Secrets + Tips To Give Your Clients The Best Experience

Candid works best paired with thorough pre-session preparation. Get our questionnaire guide HERE.

1 review for Candid | The Engagement Session Game For Photographers

  1. sara Williams (verified owner)

    Y’all I love this game! For my couples, its so fun and so easy but as a photographer it is strategic & incredibly inspiring. Even though its called a game, there are really no rules. Its a kick starter to creativity & an amazing transition pack of prompts to help your session flow. Once you choose a card & your couple does the prompt, you can make adjustments from there & customize each movement to fit your couple more. The secrecy Of this game is what truly captures real & authentic reactions. I love that only one of them does the prompt & the other genuinely gets to enjoy it with no expectation of an outcome. I would highly recommend PURCHASING this game & PROVIDING your couples with a fun date-like experience. Chelsea & jack truly created the key that not only unlocked my mind-block during sessions, but takes you on a journey of discovery. I’ve noticed, even using the same cards for each session, i never feel like i’m taking the same picture twice, and thats just really cool. Thank you archers!

    • Chelsea Archer (verified owner)

      Wow, thanks for the kind words Sara!! Mind-block during sessions is real!!! And it’s the worst! LOVE hearing that Candid helped you overcome it and led to more creativity and authenticity 🙂 Giving each client a unique experience is one of the best things we can do as photographers!!

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