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Get to really KNOW your clients! This guide has all the actual info we give and the questions we ask! Give them the best experience possible by building trust and understanding who they are. Learn more in the description below.

Complete the strategy with Candid: The Engagement Session Game




Know Your Clients

Getting to know your clients is the key to providing a unique experience and photos that actually make sense. Not only do we ask questions, we give our clients information in our engagement and wedding photography questionnaire to help them nail their sessions! It’s so important that you build trust by informing and equipping them. The more they understand what you need, the more they know you understand them, the better the experience will be, and the better the photos will turn out.

This guide will give you ALL the info we give our clients ahead of time to set them up for success, plus all the questions we ask to get to know them!

What’s Included:

  • Couples Session Info For Clients
  • Couples Session Questions
  • Wedding Questions


No More Winging It // The Full Candid Strategy

Want to get Candid engagement and wedding photos every single time? You can’t just book clients, show up, and hope it will happen. You need a strategy that works every time, for different kinds of people, no matter their comfort level. A strategy that informs both you, your clients, and helps you provide a customized experience that brings out your clients’ real personalities. Our strategy is easy and works every time! How to pose couples:

  1. Music // The secret to helping your clients relax is music! Get our playlists for free on our education page!
  2. Questionnaires // Providing your clients with authentic and meaningful photos starts with you getting to know them and giving them the info they need to nail their session. If you know who they are, what they’re like, and what they want from their session, you have the framework for providing them with meaningful photos. This guide helps you inform your clients and equips you with the questions to ask in a wedding photography questionnaire!
  3. Candid // The best way to get those perfect candid poses… is not to pose them at all. A successful session rests solely on your ability to get your clients to relax and interact with each other. Movement. Real laughter. Intimate sweet moments. You need a strategy for helping your clients get there. We created a game and strategy that does that seamlessly!
    (Not every client is the same, so we’ll talk about how to build a unique session using the cards!)

Complete the strategy: Candid: The Engagement Session Game


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