Should I bring my puppy to my engagement session?

September 12, 2022

It’s no secret that we love puppies. We are dog people to the max, so when our couples ask “Should I bring my puppy to my engagement session?” the answer is ALWAYS “YES!”. However, we do have some tips to make sure the session goes well. Dogs can be a wild card. Even if your dog is great (which, let’s be real, all dogs are great) they can be nervous about the camera, they might be more interested in sniffing than smiling for the camera, you never know when a less behaved dog is going to walk by, and overall it can distract from the reason why we’re here. So in order to have a successful engagement session with your puppy, we recommend these things:

  1. Bring a dog handler. You shouldn’t have to be worried about tying up your dog for shots they’re not in, or putting the dog in a hot car. Bring someone with who can keep your dog happy, safe, and away from you when they’re not in the shot.
  2. Do a 2 hour engagement session. If you want lots of photos with you dog, allow for lots of time! We have to be patient with the non-humans, and it can take more time to get amazing shots! Plus if you choose to have them there the whole session, this gives you time to get photos of just the two of you too!
  3. If you’re doing a one hour session especially, have your dog come for the first half of the session, and then have your handler take them home! Part of getting authentic photos is for you to be able to relax and be fully present. That’s hard when your puppy is whining because they want to play. And it can be extra hard if your dad is your dog handler watching your every move 🙂
  4. Bring treats to reward your pup for cooperation, it will make them want to cooperate more. Plus, then they’ll like me!

Should I bring my puppy to my engagement session?

Here are some adorable photos of Teddy and his mom and dad. You be the judge if you should bring your puppy or not!

Here’s another session with a pup 🙂


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